The Project

The St. Joseph County Department of Health started an initiative to engage citizens inside and outside the local area and challenge them to take action against obesity. is the catalyst behind the movement. The site offers users nutrition plans, physical activity guides, and hundreds of other toolkits that enable health professionals, parents, teachers, kids, and teens to make smart decisions regarding the future of their health.


In conjunction with our development partner Bobbr™, we developed and designed on top of the open-source platform, Joomla. This platform allows for a more modularized approach to content creation versus other CMS platforms like WordPress. WordPress is great for content, Joomla excels at data management. This approach worked well for managing the toolkits and their associated files in an easy-to-understand interface.

Hands-On Collaboration

We met multiple times on-site with our client to walk them through the progress of the build as well as dive into incremental training around the platform. We sat side by side during the final push and collaborated live on the final edits – literally pushing the go live button together.